Friday, December 23, 2011

Last Year in Super Slow Training & WoW

I don't bother posting workouts regularly anymore.  I usually post them on and now track using instead.  This week I wanted to post and debunk(at least for me) the concept that workouts need to vary every 4-6 weeks or so in order to continue gains.  This was in part inspired by Diana Hsieh's post of her progress using SuperSlow.

The workout below and compared to a year ago were done, unless otherwise noted, in SuperSlow fashion with 10 second ups and 10 seconds down.  This keeps the comparison apples to apples.  The complete workout chart for the last 13 months is attached.  There are some slight variation in the workout(negatives thrown in here and there) that affect the results from week to week sometimes, but overall you can get a good feeling of the progress I have made over the course of 1 year.

Workout of the Week("B" workout ~30 minutes):
  1. MedX Pullover:  Up 4# and 2 reps
  2. Cable PullDown: Full Stack.  Up a rep
  3. Push Ups: Up 1 rep
  4. MedX Row:  Up 2 reps
  5. MedX Chest Press: no change
  6. Chin Up:  3 then 8 20 second negatives
  7. Push Up:  Did non slow concentric then 10 second negatives then negatives only.
  8. MedX Leg Extension: Up 2# and 1 rep
  9. MedX Leg Curl: Up 2# and 4 reps
  10. MedX Leg Press:  Up 1 rep.  Did 3 negatives
Good improvement over the previous workout that was done ~ 2 weeks earlier.  

As for the year, here is a summary of the attached charts as good as I could estimate:
  • MedX Pullover: Up 26%(64#)
  • Push Ups:  Up 7 reps
  • MedX Row: Up 5%(10#) and 3 reps
  • MedX Chest Press:  Up 20%(44#) and 1 rep
  • Chin Up:  Have gone from assistance to being weighted 25#
  • TruSquat:  Up 65# and 4 reps
  • MedX Leg Curl: Up 10%(18#) and 4 reps
  • MedX Leg Extension: Up 11%(18#) and 4 reps
  • MedX Leg Press: Up 30%(120#) and 1 rep
To me this is awesome improvement.  I was not starting as a novice, but had been doing first some Devany style pyramid training(#$%^arounditis?) ~4 years ago and had been doing SuperSlow training on my own and at Ultimate Exercise for about 2 years after that.  This is the complete opposite of what we are typically told about muscle confusion, etc.  At least for me, I am able to make continued gains week over week doing nearly the same exact 2 routines alternating.  I strongly suspect that the stall people see when their 4-6 weeks are up is the easy neural adaptations maxing out and the real improvement can begin.  I have no idea.

My trainer, who also trains people in non SuperSlow as well, says that many clients are pushing the same weight for same reps as last year.  My wife and I are the exception.  There are 2 reasons for this, I think.  1) We work really hard.  2) We don't do it too much.  Even with a trainer I don't think everyone works hard.  I think it has to pretty much suck and you dread going a little bit to get the adaptations you desire.  Seeing a little "white buffalo in the sky" post workout, so to speak.  People just aren't willing to do that even if they pay someone.  The second point would be more important if the first were true.  Working really hard and not taking the time to recover could short circuit results, but I doubt that is the case for the majority of trainees, at least where I lift.  

I am also starting to use myfitnesspal to track what I eat.  If I get the bug I might post about that some.  Quite enlightening.



Mark said...

Any obvious changes in body composition?

Senya Miles said...

Mark - I'm sure Jeff will answer your question but as one of his close friends and having not only watched his journey but been inspired by it, I can answer. He is definitely leaner and more cut. There are other friends of his who have commented that at company picnics "despite how much they say they work out, no one looks like Jeff and [his wife]". They just look that much better than other humans.

It's a bit intimidating actually, which is why we're about to sign up with a similar trainer soon :)

Jim said...

Hello, Jeff. I see your profile lists you as located in Clifton Park, NY, though your workouts seem to take place in South Carolina. Do you have a recommendation of a gym/trainer in the Clifton Park area who is familiar with doing things as in Body by Science? Thanks.

Jeff said...


Yes, but BBS training isn't the reason. I started tracking my intake on myfitnesspal and started doing a leangains IF. I am down to 178# and less than 7% body fat while all my lifts are improving. I think I am going to see if I can take it further, maybe below 6% and more like 172#. All my 31/34 pants fit looser. The few 32/34s I still had are now baggy and look sloppy. The 30" waist shorts I wore to my workout were hanging off me(never thought waist was accurate, but it was a datum). I think the lifting as preserving muscle and maybe an extremely slow gain in muscle rather than a tool in fat loss. If interested in hearing more I will blog details. It is basically leangains, but no one I have read has integrated what is on that site. I also have some experiences with tracking that are worth passing on, so let me know if I should bother. Some of what I found when tracking shocked me. I have cut back or eliminated MANY of the things that I ate daily before.


Thanks for the kind words. Glad you and Andy are training and getting a lot out of it.


I moved to SC almost 2 years ago now. I never bothered changing my profile. There are so many now with facebook, blogspot, twitter, whatever.

Unfortunately there is no one I am aware of in the Capitol District who trains BBS/SS. I never even came across nautilus MedX equipment, which I think are a big help in doing that type of training. My experience after training on my own and training with a trainer is that with BBS having a trainer is quite a different experience. You will work harder for a trainer and inroad further than you will on your own. That hard work, which sucks big time, is required for any progress. Literally no pain(discomfort) no gain on a minimalist, 1x/wk method.

If I were out of cash or had to move I would likely switch to a 2-3x/wk multi set lifting method. While not as efficient I think I could get gains and achieve a similar inroad with multiple sets of decreasing weight(Reverse Pyramid). Would take more time, which I currently just don't have, but it would work in my experience.

I hope it helps!


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Jim says right that Hello, Jeff. I see your profile lists you as located in Clifton Park, NY, though your workouts seem to take place in South Carolina. Do you have a recommendation of a gym/trainer in the Clifton Park area who is familiar with doing things as in Body by Science? Thanks.

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