Friday, June 10, 2011

Workout of the Week 6/10

7 days recovery since last workout.  Worked out at 7:30am so the fast was less than usual.

Workout(25 mins):
-TruSquat: Up 3 reps
-MedX Leg Abductor
-MedX Leg Press: Up 3 reps 
-MedX Leg Curl
-MedX Leg Extention
-Ball/Wall Sit: Up 12 seconds
-Pull Ups
-MedX Chest Press: Up 6#
-MedX Seated Row: Up A rep and 2#
-SuperSlow Push Up:  Did these with hands slightly elevated so could go really deep.
-Negative Pull Ups:  Mixture of 20 second, 15 second and 10 second negatives

Looked at progress chart over the last 6 months.  When I started I could do 8 chest press reps at 240#.  Today I did 6 reps at 280#.  Nice increase for someone who was already well trained by the time I started.  Happy about progress on that since it is usually my weakest.  The program is working!

Had some ground chuck with eggs and half a sweet potato a little while after.


Thomas said...

Hey Jeff:

Just caught your exchange over at Theory to Practice with Keith and Marc. All I have to say is, it's hard to argue with progress. If I have a training client that is making continuous progress week after week on a once per week program, I'm not going to change things much, especially the frequency. I personally like to train more than once per week, but have run into problems training too much with full body workouts (3x per week) in the past. I don't know if they mean you should split up your workout and into several per week or if you should simply add one or two more full body workouts? These would be two very different things. Anyway, keep up the good work and thanks for the interesting dialog.

Thomas Nienstedt, DC, CSCS (Thomas at BBS)

Jeff said...


Thanks for commenting. I find the dialog interesting as well. I just fired off a couple of comments this morning furthering the discussion some.

I, too, don't want to mess with things if the progress chart shows I am getting stronger and can do more work.

I don't buy the arguments about autoregulation and cyclic lifting as I suspect it is just lower intensity training to allow more often training. I would just prefer to train when needed and not put extra days in to serve my psyche. I have had the training angst and I am so busy with work and family that once a week or so is really good for me.

I like 1-2 times per week where the second workout is a not to failure one, but I do it mostly for fun and I don't think it necessarily helps or hurts my main progress, at least as is shown on the chart.



Thomas said...

I think cycling the frequency can work. I've listened to the intensity cycling argument and I just don't know. HIT guys tend not to like it, powerlifters and such tend to like it. I think cycling intensity is likely a good thing if you need to "practice" the exercise-the more skill based moves like Olympic lifts and some of the power lifts. With non-skill based moves (usually machines or single joint free weights) you definitely don't need to cycle the intensity.

You are right, we do this stuff to make life better, not to take up lots of time and get tired and feel like crap, so I think the once per week HIT is great for most people, as long as they are active otherwise.