Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WoW 5/25

5 days recovery since last workout.  A little short of the usual week of rest since I have a work training this week at the usual time.  Worked out fasted for 18 hours.

Workout(25 mins):
-TruSquat: Up 10#.  Still got 9 reps
-MedX Leg Abductor
-Goblet squats: super slow. 
-MedX Leg Curl
-MedX Leg Extention
-MedX Leg Press:  Level in reps despite doing after gob squats, curls and extension first
-Pull Ups: Body weight only. Up almost 2 reps
-MedX Chest Press: Up 4# and 1 rep
-MedX Seated Row
-Push Up Negatives
-Negative Pull Ups:  mostly 15 second negatives with holds at various spots

Noted the improvements I remembered.  Great workout.  Good to know I can gain after short recovery, but I won't be making a habit of it.  Next workout in 9 days at the usual Friday time slot.

Weight 184#, down 2# in past week and 4# in the last 2 weeks.  Not trying hard to lose, just stopped the forced feeding.  Didn't work anyway as shown by fairly rapid loss.  If it was lean I doubt it would have dropped so quickly, especially while gaining on workout.  Over eating to gain is over for me.

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