Tuesday, February 8, 2011

HIT Workout 2/8

6am at Doug's 1-on-1 in Greenville.  Brought a water bottle with me this time, which compressed the overall time.  This type of training has be breathing a lot, so my mouth gets dry and uncomfortable.  The water helps but slows me down unless I have a bottle with me.

-MedX Pullover: Up a rep and weight
-Push Ups: Got 4 super slow pushups.  Very proud of this progress as I didn't expect to get it until summer at least.  Only 3 more to go for world record. :-)
-Nautilus Pull Up:  Up in weight, I think.
-MedX Chest Press:  Ended with 3 assisted reps with negatives
-MedX Compound Row:  Up in weight
-Nautilus Dip: Up a rep.
-Pull Up 10 Second Negatives: Weighted this time.  25# plate attached by a belt.  Did 6.   On last one I could just barely control speed.
-Wall/ball squats:  body weight only.  Did until good burn, probably 18 reps.
-MedX Leg Abductor: Felt heavy.  Up in weight.
-MedX Leg Adductor:
-MedX Leg Press: Up a rep.

I didn't remember all the details, but overall a really good, difficult workout.  I had a huge, Jeff versus food, breakfast around an hour afterward including some starchy tubers.

Going snow boarding for the first time tomorrow.  I plan on spending more time on my butt than on the board, but we will see.

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