Tuesday, February 1, 2011

High Intensity Workout 2/1

Worked out at Doug's 1-on-1 Fitness at 6am.  Started a little late and ended early, so the workout was a bit faster paced than the last few.  I worked hard, but didn't check to see progress much unless the trainer told me something specific.


  • Tru Squat:  Truly an awful machine.
  • MedX Leg Abductor: 
  • MedX Leg Adductor 
  • MedX Leg Press
  • MedX Leg Curl
  • MedX Leg Extension
  • Nautilus Assist Pull Up: Weight was added, but I don't know how much. 
  • MedX Chest Press: Felt light.  Higher weight.  Also did 3 negatives.
  • MedX Compound Row:  Up in weight.
  • Push Ups: 10 seconds down and 2 seconds up.  Got 6(more than last time) plus did 3 more negatives.
  • Negative Pull Ups: Did a personal record of 9, super slow negatives.  Will be adding the weight belt next time I think.
Had a breakfast of grass finished chuck, onions, 2 eggs, some fingerling potatoes, and a protein shake.  Took me a good 2 hours before I felt normal again.  The rest of the day I felt awesome.  As I write this at the end of the day I am starting to tighten up a tad.

I have been working out an additional time or 2 during the week.  On those days I do a few movements in a not to failure and controlled, but usually not superslow cadence.  Here is a summary of the last 2.

Thursday last week:  Did a circuit of Hammer Strength Pulldown, Incline Bench Press, and Hammer Strength Deadlift.  I did 5 rounds of low rep sets(5 reps or so) with little rest in between, but I wasn't rushing.  Finished by floating around in the pool with my kids.

Saturday:  Bench press, Hammer Strength Seated Row, Back Squat, Incline Bench Press,  Hammer Strength Pulldown, Bent Row, overhead press, and barbell curls.  All were controlled pace, but not really slow and avoiding failure.  I also did a single set of superslow style leg press finishing short of complete failure.  Also swam with my monkeys afterward and hung out in the hot tub and steam room.

So far it appears that I am handling the extra workload quite well, with no slowing down of progress on my main measurable workout.  If I see a slip I will back off immediately.  I also look forward to going to the gym, but I have no angst if I don't go.  If I skip I know I will be getting the usual weekly beatdown at my HIT session.

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UE client appreciation party is tonight 2/4/11 6pm-8pm. Free food/drink- all Paleo fare. Hope you can make it. Sorry for the late notice.