Tuesday, January 4, 2011

WoW 1/4 Plus NED

Just posting to capture my latest workout at "Doug's 1 on 1".

-MedX Pullover
-Push Ups: 10 seconds down and 10 up
-Nautilus Pull Up
-MedX Chest Press:  Ended with 3 assisted reps with negatives
-MedX Compound Row
-Nautilus Dip
-Pull Up Negatives: 8, I think, with body weight only
-Wall/ball squats:  body weight only
-MedX Leg Abductor
-MedX Leg Adductor
-MedX Leg Press

Improved on everything at least a little bit.

Started reading Art Devany's "New Evolution Diet".  So far it is quite good.  I will write a full account of my thoughts when I finish.


Marc said...

Hey Jeff,

HAPPY new Year!

question; on the negative pull ups.
Do you "help" yourself to the starting position? (with a step up/stool or something) Or do you just do a pull up ans start the negative again. I'm assuming you are lowering yourself as slowly as possible?


Jeff said...

Hey Marc,

Happy new year!

As for the negatives. I step up to the top position and do a slow, 10 second negative. By the 7th one or so it is awfully hard to do it in 10 seconds, maybe more like 7 seconds.

Negatives are interesting to me as it is amazing the differences in technique and the strong feelings. Some claim negatives are too damaging and should be avoided. The leangains guy and others essentially drop the weight on a dead lift when they reach the top! Others think negatives are the bomb and are preferential to FT fibers and all that. My trainer and other HIT types frequently do some negatives to heighten the intensity.

I am not so dogmatic. I sense all this stuff works if the workout is intense enough. Any thoughts?


Marc said...


Yes, I have some thoughts...been thinking about it a lot lately.
I've been watching and helping a few people recetnly and I've been trying different things.

Here are my recent thoughts/observations;

You are spot on...the workout HAS to be intense. Problem is...not many people even know what intense is. With a qualified trainer, I think BBS, HIT, super slow, Keith's methods etc etc are the most perfect and effective, but without proper supervision and motivation, it is really tough to get to the intensity level that brings the results people are after.
I'm more and more convinced that it ALL works. The key being to always strive for that intensity.
So for most...and this is NOT going to make me popular.. the old fashioned approach of 3 to 4 sets of 8-10 reps with increasing weight is one of the easiest methods to use (when training alone). This old protocol, allows for easiest achievement of intensity and muscle fatique and measurement of progress.
What do you think?

Lastly, do you ever try static holds? I like doing static holds in the midway pull up position.

Jeff said...

Hey Marc,

Good thoughts. Totally agree with the "old school" 3 set of x reps. I still do this from time to time and enjoy it. Making it tough for at least a few reps during the workout is sufficient to achieve the intensity needed I think. Overall just way to much dogma out there. Make it intense, even if briefly and you are there. We geek out on this stuff way too much.

My trainers have me do static holds usually at the end of a set. For example, I am doing the pull up negatives and starting to really drop fast. He has me stop half way and hold it for 10 seconds. Really tough on the muscles and metabolically. Amazing how tough not moving can be.

On that point, try doing 10 second down, 1 sec hold, then 10 seconds up push ups sometime. While I can bust out 2-3 dozen push ups at normal speed I can barely get 4 at the slow pace. That is one of the points about superslow. Slower is way harder. It also is a terror on the abs since the push up position is a modified plank. Did that yesterday and my upper abs are pleasantly sore today.


Andy's Blog said...

I tend to agree with Marc on basically most of the methods will work as long as the intensity is there.

I also agree that it is easier said than done.