Tuesday, January 18, 2011

High Intensity Workout 1/18/2011

Worked out at Doug's 1-on-1 Fitness at 6am.  Was 2 weeks from last workout due to icy roads in Greenville last week.


  • Tru Squat: Up a rep
  • MedX Leg Abductor: Felt light.  Did 2 more reps at higher weight.
  • MedX Leg Adductor 
  • MedX Leg Press: Felt light.  2 more reps.
  • MedX Leg Curl
  • MedX Leg Extension
  • Static Wall Sit
  • Nautilus Assist Pull Up: 2 extra reps 
  • MedX Chest Press: Felt light.  2 extra reps at higher weight.  Also did 3 negatives.
  • MedX Compound Row
  • Push Ups: 10 seconds down and 2 seconds up.  Got 3 plus did 4-5 more negatives.
  • Negative Pull Ups: Slight variation this time.  5 seconds to mid way, hold for 5, then 5 seconds the rest of the way down.  Did something like 8 of these.  Totally fried and breathing heavy after.
Much of the exercises felt light and the performance showed. Could be many different things, but one thing I did during the high intensity workout interval was to workout in a non HIT style on my own in between 3-4 times.  I did more "alactic" workouts with a focus on higher weights and lower, sometimes single reps and no failure.  This might be strengthening in a different way and making the HIT workout progress better.  Who knows?


Chris said...

who knows indeed! I like that and I agree. I have given up being too dogmatic on most things - including exercise! Lots of things can work. They may not all be "optimal', but there is a spectrum out there and sometimes variety is just plain fun

Marc said...

I also agree!!
I've said it before in your comments...
I'm more and more convinced that it all works. Intensity is key...but most important of all is the question of why...
"why do you exercise?, What's your goal"? For most it's a simple "I want to look in shape...I want to look good" and for specific reasoning ALL of IT works. For me the reason has always been 2 fold. 1. I want to be able to move like a kid until ripe old age. Run, jump, PLAY, swim, surf, soccer, tennis etc etc. amd 2. I want to look good. ;-)

Just my 2 cents.
Just my 2 cents. For

Marc said...

That should read "and for that specific reason...all of it works"


Jeff said...

Hey Guys,

Dogma is my biggest complaint with gurus. It is clear that many different things work. The annoying thing is the way dogma gets people to focus on the differences rather than the similarities. I see this in exercise and other circles. The Ayn Radians take the piss out of libertarians even thought they agree on nearly 98% of the stance on topics. Now we have some HIT folks focusing on the very minor differences in protocol. Twice a week versus once a week. Higher TUL versus lower TUL. Deep inroad versus stop at concentric failure. These guys agree on 95% of things, at least, and yet they can only talk about the differences. I suspect that the more of a guru you become the more the mind glazes over the similarities and focuses on the differences. The stuff from renaissance exercise I found to be a particular turn off. Now the stuff I do at Doug McGuff's gym isn't enough? I need to do it only with them and no one else can even do a "proper" push up? Too much for me.

This stuff is starting to become simple to me again. Work hard with something safe and try not to do it so often you hurt yourself with overtraining. The rest is essentially pointless details barely worth mentioning.