Sunday, December 5, 2010

Workout of the Week 12/1/2010

We "cheated on" the Ultimate Exercise gang and instead worked out at a much closer facility in Greenville.  Much too busy with our moving into our new home in SC.  Trying to get my wife to take a break for longer than 30 minutes was a non starter.

I stumbled upon the place a few weeks ago while going out for dinner and noticed the MedX and Nautilus machines and followed up with a phone call.  It turns out the trainer is SuperSlow certified so we bought a month's worth of sessions.  It is much closer and easier for us, especially with the 2 munch-kins.

Workout(~30 minutes):

  • Ball/Wall Squat Warm up
  • TruSquat:  Tough machine.  I saw one of these at Greg Anderson's place, but didn't get a chance to use it there.  
  • MedX Leg Press:  Did these with a larger range of motion.  More like a deep squat.
  • MedX Leg Extension
  • MedX Leg Curl
  • MedX Leg Abduction
  • MedX Leg Adduction
  • Nautilus Weight Assist Pull Up
  • MedX Chest Press:  Did these with a larger range of motion than usual.  Felt it a bit more in my chest than triceps. 
  • MedX Seated Row:  This machine did not have the SuperSlow modifications with the fall off cam like at UE.  More consistently difficult the whole way rather than hard then easy.
  • Push Up:  10 second down, hold for a bit, 10 seconds up.  After 3 I couldn't push up anymore so I did 3 more negatives.  Was hard to even get up at all with knees down.  Ended up just using my elbows.
  • Negative Pull Ups:  Climbed up and did 6 or 7 slow negatives.
The workout was really, really tough.  Quite a bit of carpet time afterward.  As you can see, the volume is a bit more than usual and the exercises were different either in range of motion or in machine.  I am writing this on Sunday and I finally don't feel sore anymore.  Mixing it up made for a totally different experience.

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