Thursday, November 4, 2010

Workout of the Week and Possible Tweaks?

Workout went great. I was toast after the first 3 exercises, but I went up in time on everything(nearly) and up in time and load on the dreaded superslow pull down. On leg press I went up over 30 seconds. On pull down nearly as much.  Still progressing each and every week.
  • Leg Press: Feet at top of the push plate.  Up 30 seconds + in time under load(TUL).
  • Overhead Press: Up in TUL.  Pop pin.
  • Pulldown: Up in weight and TUL.  Pop pin.
  • Pull over abs: Can’t judge time since I did it differently again. I think the one today was the best ab method yet. It was a static hold at place where upper arms were parallel with the floor while doing knee raises. 3 reps and my abs were on fire. I don’t know who figured this one out, but I can guess.
  • Seated Row: Felt really heavy after the pull down.  Up in TUL.
  • Chest press: After the overhead press first I could really feel it on my chest muscles.  Up in TUL.

I say this every time, but this was the worst workout ever. Miserable. Really out of breath afterward. An hour later I felt great and was looking forward to a nice dinner of pot roast from the crock pot. 
I am curious what would happen if I did a Big 3 only for a few weeks or stopped at positive failure, but I leave it to my “tormentors” to decide if that is best. I have a good horse and plan on continuing to ride it. I have a couple of weeks coming up where I will have 12 and 9 days of recovery, so keeping the current volume and intensifiers up for a bit longer is fine by me.  I chatted online in the comments at with Doug and Ed Garbe and it sounds like some tweaks are in order.  The progress has been good, but trying some less volume or other might be interesting.  More to come on that.

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Marc said...

Hi jeff,
2 things.

1. Less volume but more intensity?

2. Could you be so kind to change my blog adress in your links? it's now

Thanks and hope the week is good so far.