Friday, October 22, 2010

Workout of the Week: New Trainer, Same Tough Workout, and Doug Sighting?

Another long fast due to late tennis Tuesday night.  Worked out at about the 29 hour mark of the fast.  This week we had the new trainer, Mark. 
Workout(~15 minutes):
  • Pullover:  No ab stuff
  • Seated Row
  • Chest Press
  • Pull Down: pop pin
  • Overhead Press: pop pin
  • Leg Press: Feet at the top
Improved on everything.  Up in weight on Seated row, chest press and I think leg press.  Up in time and weight on the row and up in time on all the rest that weight wasn't increased.  Very tough.
Felt fine the next day until around dinner time, when I started to feel tight, a bit sore and more lethargic.  It is strange.  After the workout my body is tired, but I have trouble sleeping.  Almost like I am wired.  I usually sleep poorly and thursday night was no exception.  The second day I sleep better and that is when the fatigue and soreness is more noticeable.
I think we passed Doug McGuff on the way to the workout, but I am not sure.  If so then it appears he might be taking "SuperSlow" out of the weight room.  We passed him as he was going ~10mph below the speed limit.


Mark said...
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Mark said...

You've been doing this a while and I am curious about your progress (other than increased TUL and added resistance) - have you been tracking any body composition metrics? I am curious if you are seeing increases in lean mass/decreases in body fat/etc. Any hard numbers?

Jeff said...

Hey Mark,

I track nothing else right now, so I am not sure. Since I moved I have no access to the gym and measurement capabilities they had there. The only daily measurement I do that is objective is the fitting of my clothes. I still fit comfortably in 30-31" waist pants. This tells me that my BF% is still around 8%. I am not looking to get any leaner, just a bit more muscular over time.

As for strength or mass gain, I think my gym results show that for someone somewhat "advanced" in training this is a long, slow process. Improvement is what matters, not speed. The only rapid progress stuff is likely skill related, not strength.