Saturday, October 16, 2010

Workout of the Week and Non-Paleo Day

Went to Atlanta for a brief family vacation and drove through Seneca, SC on the way for our weekly workout.  We went in the early afternoon and Thursday, so Ed was still around.  I had both Ed and Sherry training me in my workout.

Workout "D"(20 minutes):
-Chest Press:  Ed had me do the last couple of reps in the middle range and had me do 2 pop pins.  The first pop pin I couldn't raise it.  The second was only 100 pounds and I could do a couple miserable reps.  Up in time under load.  I am still sore nearly 2 days later.
-Seated Row:  Up in weight and time under load.  Included a pop pin and a heavy negative at the end with Ed pushing the arm.
-Leg Press:  Up way up in weight and almost achieved previous time.  Might have got there, but Ed again had me do low reps to get me to fail early.  Another pop pin as well.  I was wobbly when done.
-Overhead Press:  Seat was adjusted so had to judge progress with previous. Down in time, which isn't a surprise with the chest press brutality.  Another pop pin.
-Pullover with Abs:  Up in time. Heavy negative at end.

I feel like I write this every time, but it was one of the hardest workouts ever.  2 days later and just feeling like I am getting to baseline.  Still a bit sore in several places.  Had an expensive, but good Rodizio meal heavy on the meat about 2 hours after.  Total fast around 22 hours.

Yesterday had a very non-Paleo day.  The picture is one such example at "The Varsity" across from my old dorm room at Gerogia Tech.  Back om the Paleo wagon today.

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