Thursday, October 7, 2010

Workout of the Week 10/7

Had a fairly active week.  I hit some tennis with my wife on Thursday, the day after working out.  I felt lethargic, but did it anyway.  Probably a mistake.  Golf on friday.  Singles tennis on Saturday morning.  A short hike on Sunday afternoon.  The doubles tennis on Tuesday.  Since I got home late tuesday I skipped dinner, leading to another 30+ hour fast before my weekly beat down with Sherry at Ultimate Exercise.
Workout "C"(~15 minutes):
  • Overhead Press: Up a touch in time under load(TUL). Pop pin.
  • Pull Down: Up in load. Pop pin.
  • Leg Press: Up almost 20 seconds in TUL.
  • Pull Over Ab Crunches: No comparison.  Did a little different method.
  • Seated Row: Up in TUL.
  • Chest Press: Up in TUL.
Overall good results.  Went to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner afterward.

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