Thursday, August 26, 2010

Workout of the Week 8/25

Extra long fast prior to the workout.  I played tennis tuesday night and finished around 9:15pm.  I wasn't hungry and it was too late to make food, so I went to bed without eating.  I like to fast all day before my workout, so it ended up being 28 hours or so fasting prior to the workout and around 30 hours total before eating again.  Starting at lunch made the fast fairly easy.  The hard part of the fast at around 17 hours occurred in the middle of the night and I woke up with only a slight hungry feeling. 
Workout "B"(~15 minutes):
  • Med-X Compound Row:  Weight increase of 20#.  Still slightly over 2 minutes under load.
  • Med-X Chest Press:  Modest weight increase.  Did flys as well.
  • Med-X Leg Press: 40# weight increase.  Time under load was over 90 seconds but under 2 minutes.  Also did calf press immediately after.
  • SuperSlow Pulldown: Slight increase in time under load.  Pop pin was in effect again.  I got one hard, slow pull on it after popping the pin.
  • Med-X Overhead Press: Slight increase in time under load.  Pop pin.  After the pop I couldn't get a single rep.
Minimized time between exercises.  One right after the other.  Was toast afterwards. 
Very pleased witht he progress/results after only a 6 day recovery.   Moved workout to Wednesday to accomodate family schedules better and allow for more recovery prior to the weekend and that led to a shorter recovery period this week.
As mentioned above, I started playing tennis again.  This is for recreation and social purposes, not exercise.  The difference in playing slightly after a HIT workout and after more recovery is amazing.  I played on Saturday(1.5 days recovery) and felt like I was dogging it.  Easily winded and lazy somewhat.  I played 2 sets of tennis and felt fairly sluggish on the court.  Played again on Tuesday and felt amazing.  3 sets of tennis after 5 days recovery felt like a walk in the park and I played a more challenging match against a few of the better players at the club.
My tennis game is pretty rusty right now.  Saturday was particularly bad, with terrible serving and the rest of my game not a whole lot better.  Tuesday was significantly better.  Serve was greatly improved(using some of Marc VanDamm's advice from a while ago) and the rest of the game improved to passable levels.  I even had 2 or 3 aces and several unreturnable serves.  More time on court should remove the rest of the rust.  I still have yet to hold serve, but that will come.

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Marc said...

Hi Jeff,

Glad that it helped a bit!
Nice to hear you are playing again.

I played doubles Wednesday night and like you not for exercise but for recreation. I enjoy all the trash talking that goes around.

In regards to fasting...
I've been eating more recently and am back to eating about 3 times a day, with a once a week planned fast. I've been hitting the weights a bit harder and I found I need the fuel.
Have a great weekend.