Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another Young Person with Heart Disease

I just found out today that one of the people I train with recently had triple bypass surgery(no, not Richard my Paleo brother). He is a young guy(around 45 or so I would guess) with 2 young children around the same age as mine. One artery was 99% closed and 2 others were 90% closed. He found this out after getting a routine cholesterol check. His HDL was low and triglycerides was nearly 500! After the Doctors had a look around when trying to stent he had emergency bypass surgery the next day.

This fits the typical pattern I have heard of where the ratio of trigs/HDL being a good predictor of heart disease. The high ratio isn't a cause, but rather a marker of the inflammation state, which in this case was not so good. Very, very lucky to have been caught with no significant issues and now has a new lease on life.

My wife sees this quite a bit in her work. In her words "I keep seeing people with heart disease that are younger and younger every year".

If only my cousin Eugene was so lucky. About a week after he died I heard that the autopsy revealed 3 completely blocked arteries in his heart and that he died from a "massive heart attack".


Andy's Blog said...

holy crap. Trigs >500 at 45! You have any idea what his diet consisted of?

And your cousin at my age is still reverberating. I mean I could get hit by lightening tomorrow, you never know. Life is too short.

Jodi Erno said...

You didin't mention LDL. Just curious.

Jodi Erno said...

One more thought is that his training wasn't enough to overcome his clogged arteries. I am wondering if you know if he had a hereditary disposition to it. What was his diet like? If it's not related to any combnation to those 3, then we should all just eat whatever and sit at our desks all day. :)

Jeff said...

Good point about the LDL. I didn't mention it since he didn't mention it. I don't know him well so I didn't ask further questions, including dietary stuff. I agree it would be good to know. One thing he did tell me was that he cut out sugar from his diet.

I am also not sure about his training. He might very well have taken up training AFTER he had his surgery.

I think it is telling that he mentioned trigs instead of LDL. THAT was what his Doctor was concerned about! Some doctors must get it then, and maybe particularly heart doctors.