Saturday, June 20, 2009


Stumbled upon a festival in Troy NY after our workout and before farmer's market visit.
Kids doing some chalk art on the street. They had a competition and there were some really good drawings.
Found some good food after struggling to find something. Bison burger and salmon with grilled vegetables. There was a watermelon gaspacho that sounded better on paper to be honest. We got the kids some decent hot dogs as well. One interesting thing is that all vendors charged me less due to forgoing the bun. I got the $8 grilled vegetables for free. I was surprised at that.
A bit of a treat after our lunch. Homemade coffee ice cream with oreos. I took a picture since this was a small! WTF? What must a large look like!?
This was freaky. The dude has a breadstick in his mouth and the lady is using a whip to break it. The guy didn't even flinch. Pretty amazing.

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