Friday, January 16, 2009

Fasting Variation and Workout with Richard

Fasting Variation and Workout with Richard

I was carpooling into work with my wife today and I had extra time to make a nice breakfast.  I made a sausage omelet with some cheese and grapefruit.  This it a bit strange since I normally fast on Fridays.  To mix it up I decided to eat breakfast and skip lunch instead.  It will be a 2 meal day today and I will skip breakfast tomorrow before a workout at the YMCA at 9am.  My body has no idea what I am thinking, so it is just nice variation.

I hadn't worked out with Richard in a long time, but we were able to hook up a bit today.  Richard's back is still sore, so we did exercises that weren't so taxing on the back.  I will save the dead lifts and squats for a heavy leg day tomorrow.

Workout(~45 mins or so):

  • Chin Ups(palms away): Unweighted, +10#, +20#, +35#
  • Weighted Dips: Unweighted, +25#, +50#, +70#(!).  I got 2 reps at 70# and was pretty happy. I got some looks from the muscle gang after getting those 2 reps out.  Richard showed up after this.
  • BB Bench Press: 135#, 155#, 175#, 205#, 225#(couldn't get it up on my own), then a last burn it out set at 185#
  • Pull Ups(parms towards me): +10#, +20#, +30#, +40#, +65#.
  • Rows on T bar: No idea of weights.  3 sets progressively harder.
  • DB Snatches:  Really fun exerise I learned today.  Google it on youTube to see a demonstration.  50#, 65#, 75#.  I will definitely be doing these more often.
  • Kettlebell Clean(with Squat) & Press: 8 decending sets with 35# KB per side.  Very taxing.  Only 10 seconds or so rest between sets.

Going to an Irish pub for dinner with friends.  Going to try and stay away from the pub fries.  Wish me luck.

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