Friday, October 31, 2008

Outdoor Workout

Got up really early. Worked for a couple of hours then made an oelet with leftover salmon, asparagus and some onions. Had a little cantelope as well.

Workout was outside at 35 deg F in shorts and short sleeve shirt:
-8 all out sprints on around 100 yrds each
-4 one minute sets of kettlebells. One arm swings, one arm snatches, 2 arm swings & 2 arm high swings. Shot baskets between sets.

Lunch was a salad with turkey chunks.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Overweight Women Have More Sex?

This report shows overweight women had more sex. Remember my earlier post on libido and insulin? Could this be the reason?



Before my workout today I had the skin fold measurements done.  4.5mm on chest, 8.5mm on abs, and 10.5mm on thigh.  That puts me just under 7.9%.  With my weight being up to around 180# now that means I have gained some 2# of lean mass in the last couple of months as the body fat % went down and weight went up.  I am glad to see it isn't getting too low, however. 

Fasting today until dinner.  I was starving last night and had a snack of an apple and a spoonful of "natural" peanut butter around 9pm, so the fast won't be quite as long as a full day.

Great workout today.  Paired up and did 5x5 style, this time with more weight on all exercises:

  • Back Squats(205#) & Weighted Pull Ups(additional 10#)
  • Dead List(215#) & Weighted Dips(additional 20#)
  • DB Bench(70#) & BB Bent Rows(110#)
  • BB Overhead Press(90#) & DB Curls(30#)
  • 2 sets of 5 DB curl negatives(50#)

Fast movements all around on contractions.  Slow on down movements.  Cold shower.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


No exercise today. I got my flu shot yesterday and my left shoulder was sore from it.

I saw a really good post from Dr. Michael Eades. He shows movies of old three stooges and the honeymoners and you can see from it how our perceptions of obesity has changed. Check it out if you get a second.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mixed Workout & Comments on Media Stories

Mixed Workout & Comments on Media Stories

Food last 24hrs:
Dinner last night was taco salad with grass fed beef and some chicken tenders.  Was great with some avacado, salsa, and a touch of sour cream.  No chips and I had no cheese yet my family had some.  Snacked on some dark chocolate, peanut butter(one heaping teaspoon) and some trail mix.  Breakfast was a chicken tender left over with onions and an omega 3 egg and 2 egg whites.  Had 2 slices of cantelope and a handful of grapes with it and a dry cappuccino.

Did a mixed workout today(30 mins):

  • Treadmill Sprints:  16 minutes on treadmill with run a minute walk a minute style.  8mph, 9mph, 10mph, 11mph(50 seconds), 12mph(45 seconds), 11mph, 10mph, 9mph all with around 4mph walking in between.
  • KettleBell(35#) Tabata:  20 seconds on then 10 seconds off for 8 exercises:  One arm swings, one arm snatches, one arm squatting overhead press, two arm swings then high swings to finish.
  • Alactic Bench on Machine:  3 at 235# then 3 at 220#
  • Alactic Bent Row:  1 rep at 135# then 4 at 155#.

Cold shower then a walk up the hill.  Probably a salad for lunch then wild salmon for dinner.

Belly Fat Diet:
While on the treadmill I watched some of the Today show.  They had a fitness segment on "The Belly Fat Diet", which recommended mono-unsaturated fatty acids(MUFAs) as a way to burn the fat.  They also suggesting lowering carb intake.  Made me wonder whether it was the lower carbs doing it or the MUFAs.  Either way, it seems like there is some traction for fat not being all bad and carbs not being the best for you or your abs, which is good.  They also suggested 4 meals be day and never going for longer than 4 hours without food.  I can go there with them.  Saturated fat is also still out, which I can't go with them there either.  Interesting story nonetheless.  Maybe fats are making a comeback.

Magazine Cover:
Another intersting thing I noted was the study in contrasts on the cover of a magazine I saw while taking my Nike Frees off at the gym.  The cover shows halloween colored cupcakes on the cover and a story to show how to make them.  Right next to it was something diet realted like "lose 5 pounds of fat in the next week".  The cupcake diet will be coming next?  This was really silly to me.  No one seems to get that one causes the other or maybe they just don't care.  They must care somewhat since they put diet stories on magazine covers all the time.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Family & Friend Update

It must have been a good last couple of weeks as great progress continues. Here is the latest:
-Dad: 173# or so now. Fits into 32" pants he just purchased. Can now run during sprints.
-Mom: 17# weight loss to date, all of which is likely fat, not muscle as she lifts regularly.
-Older Brother: Officially hit "ideal" weight of 185#. Ready to try my old clothes in "muffin top challenge".
-Andy: Down to 9.7 percent body fat. Benched 185# numerous times.
-Senya: Now below her high school weight.

Sugar in Coffee

I got a wake up call about how little my sugar intake these days as compared to others. I went and got coffee with a colleague. The person, before filling the cup with coffee, shovelled 3 heaping soup spoons full of sugar into the mug! That is way more sugar than I eat in any week, and the person has at least 3 mugs of coffee in a single morning. The person might be on the other end of the spectrum, but the difference was astounding.

Paired 5x5 Workout

Paired 5x5 Workout

Did another paired 5x5 workout today.  These are really hard.  I moved up in weights on almost every exercise and was pretty exhausted.  No food since dinner last night and will be fasting through dinner tonight. 

Workout(~45 minutes):

  • Sumo Dead Lifts(205#) & Dips(unweighted):  Dips were too easy.  Finished with 10 reps on the last set.  Will do them weighted next time.
  • Back Squats(185#) & Pull Ups:  Pull ups were a bit easy as well.  Did 8 reps on last set.  Will weight pull ups next time as well.
  • DB Bench Press(65#) & BB Bent Rows(100#)
  • One Arm DB Overhead Press(35#) and BB Curls(60#):  Did overhead press while squatting on 2 small BOSUs(very hard).  Stacy the traininer suggested this to me and it was worth it.  I was shaking around a lot.  Did curls while standing on large BOSU.  The use of the BOSU turns the already compound exercises into super compound ones.

Weight movements were as fast as possible up then slower down.  Very little rest in between sets and I was winded quite a bit of the workout. 

This style workout is very challenging as there is only heavy weights and almost no rest due to the alternating/pariring of exercises.  I was totally sore yesterday and when I woke up today as a result of Saturday's workout.  I sense this will really be adding some muscle.  It might already be working as I was almost 182# on the scale today.  I think I will do this twice a week for a couple of weeks and see how it goes.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I got up early today for some reason. Had some espresso and made an omelet with half eggs and half egg whites. Filling was ham, turkey, onions and yellow pepper. I put some picante sauce on it as well. Had a half a cup or so of grapefruit and apple with it.

Went to the Y for some lifting with my family. I did 5 sets of 5 reps per set for 9 exercises. To maximize lifting versus rest I paired them up:

-Dips and Close grip pull ups: no assist

-DB dead lifts(90# each arm) and DB Incline Bench Press(50#)

-One arm overhead presses with DB(35#). I didn't need a paired up exercise since alternating arms was enough.

-Bent Over Rows(90#) and DB Bench Press(60#)

-Back Squats(185#) and Cable crunches('8'). After taking off the 25# plates I finished with 29 jump squats. All squats were full depth.

I also did a set of five isolation curl negatives for each arm with a dumb bell. Shot baskets for 10 minutes. Total workout time was around an hour.

This type of lifting was very grueling. All heavier weights and many more reps. Alternating exercise pairs really makes for little rest and lots of work in a sort period of time. It is kind of like doing only the last set of 15/8/4 for the entire time. I will be doing it again soon.

Lunch was a green salad with a couple of cans of tuna.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Superman Workout

Breakfast today was a ham and cheese(very little) omelet with a few grapes and 2 espressos.

I started my workout with a 20 minute interval on the treadmill. One minute walking then running one minute at various speeds: 8mph, 9mph, 10mph, 11mph, 12mph, 11mph, 10mph, 9mph. I was going to move onto doing some planks when I bumped into workout buddy Richard. He talked me into doing more lifting. Did it superman style, as in the workout the actor was put through by his trainer. Can also be called 5x5x5. 5 Exercises, 5 Sets, and 5 Reps per set. The kicker is what is done in between. After each set you do a run, so 4 runs for each set. The runs increase in intensity, starting with a jog, then ending on the fourth with an all out sprint. I only had time for 3 exercises due to the previous 20 minutes, so we did the following:
  1. Bench Press: 5x5 @ 175#
  2. Bent Rows: 5x5 @ 90#
  3. Overhead Press: 5x5 @80#
The running in between made for an interesting workout. A nice change up from the usual, if I even have a usual. Afterward I was not hungry and skipped lunch. Cold shower as usual.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Today's workout

Fasting at least until noon. Free lunch then, so I will probably partake. Decided not to count reps today although I generally did a pyramid type workout.
-Dead lifts: 135, 225, 315!
-Jump Squats: 135, 185, 235
-Bent Rows: 95, 115, 135
-Incline Bench w/DB: 35, 45, 55
-Lat pull down: 70, 100, 130
-One arm Cable crossover: 4, 5, 6, 7
-One arm DB overhead on BOSU: 20, 30, 40
-One arm DB curls: 20, 25, 30, 35
-One arm DB tricep pushes overhead: 20, 25, 30
-One arm reverse fly: 40, 70, 100, 130
-Shot baskets outside for 5-10 minutes with shirt and shoes off(45 degF)

Had salmon and chiken for lunch with a mostly spinach salad. Water with food and a bit of decaf coffee afterward.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Almost kicked out of the YMCA

After our vacation my wife and I took the following day off to do yard work. Unfortunately it rained the whole day and we instead did things inside like cooking(me) and cleaning(Karen). We finished early and decided to go to the YMCA for a workout before picking the kids up. I went, as always, in my Vibram FiveFingers and almost got thrown out. The lady who worked there told me that I needed "sneakers" in order to use the gym. When I asked why she said that the laces were needed and real sneakers would prevent injury from dropping something on my foot. Both answers were bull since some people have velcro "laces" and also sneakers provide almost no protection above and beyond the FiveFingers. If you really want protection you would need steel toed shoes, but no one would use them. I asked to have the manager call me if it was a problem and no one has called yet. Wish me luck.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

In-N-Out Burger

A California tradition, we had to go. I had my burger "protein style"(no bun). We split the awesome fries and I had a couple of sips of Karen's chocolate shake. As good as ever. Brought back memories...

The Girl & The Fig

Brunch. Cheese platter. Duck Confit & Potato Hash with poached eggs and applewood smoked bacon. Delicious eventhough is was a bit heavy on potato and light on the meats.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hook & Ladder

Good, light, value priced chardonnay.

De Loach

Masut Pinot Noir was good. Le Roi good too, but might be too strong for typical Pinot Noir food.

De La Mantanya

Long drive to get here. Very good Zinfandel. Reds were all pretty good. Feeling a little wined out after so much so far.

Imagery Winery

Wow Oui Sauvignon Blanc is fantastic. All wines we tasted were excellent.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Insulin, Reproduction and Libido

I had a thought after reading "Good Calories, Bad Calories" by Gary Taubes, particularly the section where he discusses insulin's effects on mating seasons in wild animals.

The idea was that food is plentiful during the spring and animals will eat quite a bit to refill the coffers from winter and the result will be an insulin increase as it directs the excess to storage. Since this coincides with when food is plentiful, why not reproduce and insulin may provide a convenient marker for this. If there is a drought then the food is more scarce and therefore insulin levels might be lower, providing less of a sex drive since children might be less likely to survive. Either was I can see how we evolved to where insulin and libido are coupled in some way. This brings us to modern times.

In modern America there is no mating period, that is to say that every day is mating time and I wonder if diet is in some way related. We never go hungry, so it is always like spring. Also, our diet has caused the insulin levels to rise due to our reliance on agricultual food higher in refined carbhydrate than ever experienced before. I suspect that this has had an effect on libido and contributed to an oversexed culture. Anecdotally, the sexual nature of our society seems to be increasing over the years (or possibly I am getting older and it just seems that way). Is it possible that this, in part, diet related?

From my experience(being a bit brave here, might be too much information... ) I have noticed a normalization of libido since making major dietary changes in Feb. I see it as being more normal now where before it was too high. The difference was quite noticable to both my wife and myself, in a good way. It could be that I am just getting older, but this possibilty exists as well.

The cruel joke may be on older men if there is ever a link in diet on erectile disfunction. High libido and no way to do anything about it is a bad double whammy.

I have not stumbled upon any research in this area. Dudes don't talk about this, in general, so I would not be surprised to find little. If you know of anything I would be curious to learn more or if you have any experience with this, feel free to comment anonymously. :-)

In Transit Dining

My wife and I are on our way to California for a vacation weekend with friends. We left very early so it was difficult to prepare breakfast before we left. Other than some coffee we had nothing.

At the airport was "sugar hour". Lots of breakfast baked good and fruit. No protein or fat on it's own. Pass.

The flight breakfast was more of the same. A small muffin, sweetened yogurt, fruit(melon and grapes) and a egg sandwich on a biscuit. Pass.

My wife was ravenous, so she ate her fruit, and egg sandwich without the top, the egg part of mine. There are a couple of possibilities as to why, since we eat nearly the same. She ate fairly light last night, so that doesn't help the hunger. Also, she takes toffee nut syrup in her coffee and had a small apple at one point. This might have caused a insulin response that caused the extreme hunger for her and not in me since I was fasting.

The masses were gobbling it down. Any wonder why at least half are overweight?

I had a feeling the food would be bad so I used it as a chance to fast intermittently. I think the very very low amount of carbs I eat makes this possible since the hunger, there for sure, isn't ravenous.

Thoughts on a plane II

Just some things that pop into my head while flying to San Francisco...

I am really annoyed that the M key on my Palm Centro is not working well...

I have been growing my hair longer and wonder whether it looks better or worse. I was asked yesterday whether I was getting a permanent treatment. Since people won't tell you to your face if they like it I wonder if there is an online way to solicit that info anonymously. I also wonder if I am getting more vain as I get older...

My cholesterol lowering changes have been going well. I now average less than 1 egg per day. I fill in with leaner meat and egg whites. I dropped cheese for the most part and drink very little milk. I am opting for more fish and leaner meats when I can, but I am not too anal about it. The triglycerides were up last time so I am eating less fruit(1 serving per day on average) and drinking less wine and beer. We will see in a couple of weeks the effect on the lipid profile...

The second batman movie is on. Governator Arnold is Mr Freeze and looks silly. Also. If he likes the cold so much why is he wearing a heavy coat?...

I see relatives of mine on EF still drinking sweetened drinks and a few thoughts come to mind.
-Do they think it is OK? Since the "white stuff" is dissolved it makes it allright?
-Do they think "at least it isn't high fructose corn syrup"?
-Fruit juice comes from fruit so it must be fine? Don't they know fruit juice has as much sugar as several fruits combined without the other good stuff?
-Is the sweet nectar too addicting and hard to give up?
Can't complain too much since they are still losing weight, but it is a missed opportunity to be healthier...

I have been watching "Blaine's Low Carb Kitchen" on FitTV. Good show that I have gotten some good ideas from, but it has it's problems with sweeteners. Each show he uses splenda or some other low carb sweetener. I think this is a mistake. If the sweet taste fools the body into releasing insulin then the result will still be bad. Best to just cut this stuff out, but his audience may loose interest as they want the sweet stuff...

I am going to be starting on a new project soon and I am really looking forward to it. I will be back writing code again rather than leading projects all the time. Project leadership will drop to 50 percent and I will get to do my own work and learn C++ and Tcl/Tkl. Can't wait...

I still get tons of comments on my Vibram FiveFingers barefoot "shoes". I catch people looking at my feet all the time and at least one person has the nerve to ask about them whenever I go out wearing them...

It has been almost 8 years since I had LASIC surgery to correct my vision. It was money well spent. Vision still 20/20 and no problems...

Enough thoughts for one post.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Read It: Good Calories, Bad Calories

I just finished Gary Taubes' book last night. It was very interesting and enlightening.

The main takeaway for me was his debunking of calorie balance, or at least the interpretation of it. The conventional wisdom is that we get fat because we eat too much and exercise too little. While it is true that there is an association between excess eating and being a couch potato, it doesn't mean that is the cause. He suggests that there is compelling evidence to suggest the causation is backwards and overeating and sloth are instead caused by being overweight and having a metabolic imbalance due to carbohydrates. The screwed up metabolism channels nutrients to fat, thus "starving" people internally. Like all starvation this leads to lower energy expenditure and severe hunger. They eat, but it isn't usable by their bodies since insulin pushes it into fat storage and they are hungry afterward, deepening the vicious cycle. Eating less doesn't work since it just makes the hunger worse. The way out is to drop the carbs down to a minimum so the insulin won't continue
messing things up. The hunger then subsides and the body's natural energy balance mechanisms can work as they evolved to.

He discounts the value of exercise, and I can understand why. Burning calories will just make the starvation worse as well. You can't exercise your way to being thin and lean unless the insulin is lowered and you have access to your fat stores of energy. Typical cardio exercise is the worst since it blindly burns calories without the positive hormonal drive. In my mind, a shorter, intense activity pattern would be very beneficial, and possibly be essential to long term health, but this would be less optimal unless the main hormone, insulin, is back under control. Growth hormone, driven by intense exercise, mobilizes stored fat for example. Low level cardio won't help with this.

In short, it appears to mostly be about hormone balance, not energy balance. With the right hormone drive the energy balance sorts itself out and body composition improves. Perfect energy balance(calories in/out) won't help much if hormones are out of whack since it will starve you internally. It explains the belly fat on joggers too.

I see fat people in a different light after reading it. I also further buy into Evolutionary Fitness as a result since it will return you to the right hormone drive.

As an engineer I found the book interesting as well. Biases are everywhere and scientists ignore empirical evidence counter to their theories. Wrong ideas take on a life of it's own if repeated often enough. We all are guilty of this confirmation bias and need to be very skeptical of our own thoughts and experts opinions in this very complex, modern world. We are paying the price of the lack of real science in the nutrition research process.

I highly recommend the book. If this doesn't change your thinking about low fat high carb diets then nothing will.

Last Chance Workout

Going on vacation tomorrow and won't get a chance to exercise while I am away. Will be good to get several days of rest anyway and some say I can collect some fast twitch muscles. Hit the gym early as that was only opportunity to go.

Workout(around 50 minutes):
-incline bench
-one arm cable pulls on BOSU
-squats: long pyramid series. Sets at 135#, 155#, 175#, 195#, and 205#. All full squats with less reps as weight increased.
-standing curls: the usual pyramid with an alactic set at 85# at the end.
-one arm tricep extensions including an alactic set with both arms and machine maxed out.
-DB bench: another longer pyramid ending at 70#
-DB overhead press: pyramid plus alactic set at 90-110# with bar bell
-Bent rows: Alactic set with 125#

Good workout. I earned my vacation.

Fasting until lunch.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lighter, Fasted Workout

Fasting today after a 3 day weekend.

Lifted this morning earlier than usual(About 45 mins total). Was a mixture of lower weight, higher reps for some along with alactic on exercises:

  • DB Bench Press: 20@25#, 15@35#, 10@45#
  • DB One Arm Rows: 15@25#, 10@35#, 5@45#
  • Standing BB Curls: 15@40#, 8@50#, 4@60#
  • BB Skull Crushers: 15@30#, 8@40#, 4@50#
  • Dead Lift: 5x1 @ 275#(1.5xbody weight). Going to try 2x body weight by year end.
  • Jump Squat: 30@95#, 25@115#, 20@135#
  • One Arm Cable Crossovers: 15@25#, 10@30#, 5@35#
  • DB One Arm Overhead Press: 12@25#, 7@35#, 4@45#
  • Lat Pull Downs: 5x1 @ 190#
  • BB Standing Rows: 15@30#, 8@40#, 4@50#. Felt a little light.
  • Bent Over Row: 5x1 @ 110#. Light as well, but didn't want to go back to squat cage.
Going to fast until dinner and write code for a few hours. Pork roast with asparagus for dinner. Looking froward to it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Day

Spent the day with my kids as they had no school. After a good breakfast of Canadian bacon, an egg, and a small amount of fruit we went to the park. Played with the kids and did some exercises:
  • 8 barefoot sprints on the soccer fields. 2 were done with my daughter getting a piggy back ride.
  • Alternated dips and close grip pull ups. 5 sets of 6 reps all at fast rate up and slower down.
  • 3 sets of 15 clap push ups followed by 10 push ups with both my kids on me.
  • 3 sets of one legged squats on an old tire. 10 reps per set.

Met my wife for lunch at a Mongolian BBQ. Meat and veggies in a bowl.

Made fish for dinner with a small salad and some broccoli rabe. The fish was "whiting" bought frozen at WAL MART. I see now there was a reason it was $2/pound. It was awful. We ended up heating up some leftover chicken and pork to go with the very good broccoli rabe. Had some nut/trail mix as a snack later with a few pieces of leftover fruit from this morning.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Family & Friends Update

I keep up with all my peeps who have been going on the Paleo/EF lifestyle. This is as good a time as any to update.
  • Dad: 175# for the first time since he was in his 20s. 20# of weight loss to date(4 months). He has dropped the statins. Waist size down to loose fitting 35". Can run now where he could barely jog faster than my fast walking 4 months ago. Had trouble getting up from a kayak before and now squats easily. Cannot believe how effortless the change has been in diet and exercise. He feels the diet is "sustainable". Works out with weights nearly every day now and is more muscular than when he was 30.
  • Mom: 20# loss to date. Weight is a carefully kept secret, so I don't know what her weight is nor do I really care. Both my parents are excited about the changes. I can't wait to see them in December.
  • Wife: I got a text message from her that she was 119# on the scale in the gym fully clothed in her workout attire. This means that she is at the weight she was when she rowed crew in college almost 20 years ago, and she is more muscular now. I am going broke buying her new clothes. We just had some of her favorite clothes cut in the waist......again!
  • Older Brother: Down to 189# from 213# in less than 4 months. No exercise, just diet. "Cheats" a bit and still having stellar results. Waist size down considerably.
  • Younger Brother: Down 20# in 3 months. More active since he is a fireman in his spare time. Feeling better than ever. Just bought 38" waist pants for first time in years.
  • Andy(my brutha from another mutha): 20# weight loss. Hovering around 146# and less than 10% body fat now. Works out hard, but dealing with an injury. Cannot find pants(29"x33") in stores. Been at it almost as long as I have.
  • Richard(workout buddy): Benched 180# twice last week(over 30# more than his body weight!) . He had a goal to get to that by year's end, but made it way sooner. ~8.5% Body Fat. Works out like an animal. Sick results.

Week Update

With a week full of training in TRIZ (wiki it if interested) and the week getting compressed due to the training I have not had a chance to update with latest updates and food. Try to remember what I had, but keeping it brief. Quick summary:

Wednesday: No time for a workout with training all day. Salad for lunch. Dinner at PF Chang's with partners. Had some beef jerky and had some other stuff when I got home.

Thursday: No breakfast. Lifted weights. Did a lot of asymmetric exercises, including overhead press and bench pressing on a ball with one arm at a time. Feels like it works the muscles differently, which is great.

Friday: Had a lunch for a colleague going away, but squeeze in a little time for some sprint work. It was so nice outside I went out and ran 8 sprints up and down a hill at work. Shot baskets(really well, actually) for about 10 minutes afterward. Breakfast was canadian bacon, an omega 3 egg and grapefruit with apple. Lunch was a buffalo bacon cheese burger(no bun) with brocolli and a salad(Ruby Tuesdays). Dinner was salmon with brocolli(I never get sick of it), avacado and some salad.

Saturday: Lifted at the local YMCA we recently joined. One new thing I did was cable crossovers with one arm at a time. I usually do both arms at once. Among other things I did a good set of dead lifts, ending with 4 at 235#. I am getting stronger on that, so I really need to go up on that when I do it. Breakfast was leftover salmon & eggs(mostly egg whites) and onions. Dinner was a porterhouse steak from Mack Brook Farm with asparagus and some salad. Steak was good, but NY strip portion was a bit tougher than expected. Flavor was fantastic. We made a lower carb apple crisp out of some extra apples we had laying around, which was good. I put some very slightly sweetened whipped cream on it. Very good.

Sunday: Not a workout per se, just life in the fall with lots of yard work to do. A very good functional workout with a rake & pruner. Many squats to pick up debris and weighted squats to lift 30-40# of leaves and twigs. Several sprints to run after a 20 month old who was making a break for the road. Climbed a ladder to clean out a gutter. Breakfast was a western egg white omelet with grilled tomatoes and 2 cups of coffee. Skipped lunch since we were so busy. Dinner was cheesesteaks with onions, red pepper, mushrooms, and some cheese on top. Fantastic. Had a treat, sharing an ice cream cone.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Early, Mixed Workout & Mack Brook Farm Burgers

Early, Mixed Workout & Mach Brook Farm Burgers

Sunday was a bit of an overindulgence day and I paid for it yesterday. Sunday I had a cider doughnut and a home made chocolate chip cookie for dessert. I felt sluggish and cranky all day yesterday. It almost felt like a cold was coming on, kind of run down. Monday was clean eating and I feel great now. I didn't exercise yesterday since I was in training all day. I got up early today to get some work in.

I drove to work with a T shirt on only with the windows open. It was 33 deg F outside. How's that for cold therapy. It actually felt great and invigorating. I am truly convinced that the cold therapy has toughened me to cold temperatures. The biggest problem was my hands, but that wasn't even too bad.

Today's Workout(About 45 mins total):

  • Treadmill Tabata: 12 degree incline and 7.0mph. 8, 20 second sprints with 10 seconds rest in between. Very winded afterward.
  • Dead Lift: 13@135#, 6@185#, 3@235#
  • Squat: 15@135#, 8@155#, 4@175#. All deep and fast.
  • DB Bench: 15@35#, 8@50#, 4@65#
  • Machine Bench: 5x1 @ 220#
  • Bent Over Row: 5x1 @ 115#. Felt a little light.
  • One Arm Military Press on BOSU: 15@15#, 8@20#, 5@25#, 4@30#. Need more next time.
  • Arm Raises on BOSU: 8@15#, 4@20#
  • Pull Ups / Dips: Alternated explosive moves. 5 reps for each set of 5. The pull ups were especially fast today.

Recent meals:

  • Dinner Last Night: Burgers from Mach Brook Farm. I ate one burger and 1/2 a cheese burger. They were phenomenal! Very tender and great beef flavor. Fantastic. Had with a salad, grilled asparagus, 1/2 an apple and 1/2 a grape fruit. I was really impressed with the meat quality.
  • 7:30pm Snack: A cup or so of trail mix. One tablespoon of natural peanut butter. 1/4 a serving of 85% Lindt Dark Chocolate, 6 oz of whole milk mixed with some heavy cream.
  • Breakfast Today: Nothing. Fasting until lunch.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Things I never understood II: Dentists

Did we really evolve to have teeth rotting in our mouths by the time we are teenagers? This is another thing I never got. There are dentists everywhere and it appears to me that they spend a lot of time dealing with chronic conditions, mostly tooth decay.

I have a mouthful of fillings. My guess is that this is caused primarily by my diet growing up. Cereal, breads, pasta, potatoes and rice were eaten in multiple meals every day. My mother limited our sugar intake, but it wasn't enough for me.

A part of this has to be genetic. My wife and I eat almost identical in the past, but she has never had a cavity. Another blood relative has no cavities either, but is much heavier than I ever was. It appears the modern diet sucks, but it manifests itself in different ways for different people.

I think that the number of dentists is far more than needed due to the excess chronic tooth decay, etc. from our modern diet.

Mack Brook Farm

After some investigation during the week on grass fed beef, I found a relatively local farm that sells their own pastured beef. I called yesterday and we ended up driving there this morning. It was a strange, but nice experience. We simply went into a shack on the farm where there was a bank of freezers and bought what we wanted. We got ground beef, filet mignon, chuck roasts, and a few other steaks. The prices were higher than the grocery store, but not too high(maybe 25 percent more?). I am really looking forward to trying it for taste and health reasons. This, combined with some venison I am hoping to get, should keep us in some healthy meats for some time to come. Next we will try and find some free range poultry and eggs.

We ended up going out for Mexican last night and I had fajitas, hold the tortillas, rice, beans. I ate no chips either. The water tasted lousy, so I got a Corona Light. It was very good, but not enough food. We didn't have enough healthy snacks at home and I ended up having a granny smith and a couple of home made cookies and milk. Breakfast today was a large ham steak and 2 eggs over easy with a grilled tomato.

Skipping exercise today as we are out and about.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Chilly Soccer Day

My daughter has been playing soccer on Saturday mornings for the past few weeks. Today was the chilliest day so far, at around 50 deg F and breezy. Everyone, including my wife, was wearing layers of clothes, including some wearing coats. One surprising thing is that some very fat people(and there were several, of course) were the ones wearing the coats and looking cold. You would figure that the extra fat would at least keep them warm on a day like this, but apparently not. I went with a short sleeve T short and no shoes(not even my vibram five fingers). My son wanted to copy me and he took his shoes and socks off as well. I was not cold at all. I am not sure whether the cold therapy is working or if the muscle metabolism is keeping me warmer, but it is working. Might be both.

Before soccer we dropped this kids off in the kids room at the YMCA we are members of and had a workout. Since I did more legs than in a usual week, I skipped that and focused on upper body:
  • DB Bench: 15@30#, 8@50#, 5@70#
  • DB Incline Bench: 15@20#, 8@35#, 5@50#
  • BB Bent Rows: 15@50#, 8@70#, 4@90#
  • DB One Arm Military Press on BOSU: 15@10#, 8@15#, 5@20#, 4@25#. I got more rest on each arm due to the switch and added a set.
  • Arm Raises on BOSU: 15@10#, 8@15#, 4@20#
  • Tricep Extensions on Cable Machine: 15@9, 8@11, 4@13
  • Curls: 15@30#, 8@50#, 4@70#.
  • Curl Negatives: 50#. Did them sitting, lifting up with both arms and down slowly with one. 5 negatives both arms.
  • Hercules Holds: 15# for 20 seconds, 20# for 10 seconds, then 25# for 5 seconds. This is basically holding the weights out at your side. I didn't know that it was called a hercules hold until a trainer there told me.
  • Lat Pull downs on Cable Machine: 3 sets of increasing weight, but I don't remember the details.
  • DB One Arm Rows: 12@30#, 8@40#, then 4@50# each arm. Again, extra rest due to arms switch.
  • Treadmill Sprints: Walked a minute then ran minute. 4 sprints at 9, 10, 11, then 12mph. Wore my vibram fivefingers and got strange looks as usual. We only had the babysitter for 45 minutes, so time ran out. Was nice to get a couple of faster runs in.
One thing to note at my YMCA is that the weight room was empty except for my wife and 2 other people while there were dozens grinding out calorie burn on the treadmills and ellipticals. Most were going at a moderately slow, steady pace. No one doing an interval of any sort except my wife and myself. Too bad as there was no one nearly as lean as we were.

  • Dinner Last Night: One large pork chop with a touch of barbecue sauce. A small salad. 2/3 of an avocado. Steamed broccoli and carrots. A cup of nuts as a dessert with around 6oz of whole milk. No cookie this time.
  • Breakfast today: Omelet with one omega 3 egg and one egg white or two. Made it with some onions, spinach, and a bit of tomato. Had some salsa on it. Also had 2 pieces of thick cut bacon, 1/2 a small apple and 1/2 a grapefruit. 1 omega 3 fish oil capsule.
  • Lunch Today: Salad with chicken salad made from COSTCO canned chicken and olive oil mayonnaise.
  • Dinner Today: I have a London broil steak I got for $1.97/# marinating in the fridge. Will serve it with something on the side, but haven't decided what.
Tomorrow we are going to a local farm that sells pasture raised, grass fed beef. I found them on line and the price is only a little higher than I usually pay for beef at my grocery store. Will take an hour to get there, but should be a fun trip now that the leaves are changing.

Longer post than usual. Adios.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Kettle Bell Workout

Kettle Bell Workout

Did I Kettle Bell workout with a trainer at the fitness center at work.  It was pretty brutal.  2 minutes on with 1 minute rest in between:

  • Warm up with stretches(not KB)
  • Ladder drills(not KB)
  • Squat with High Pull
  • One arm swings
  • Clean and Press
  • One arm high swings
  • Two arm swings
  • Snatch, then overhead presses while squatting
  • One arm bench from ball
  • One arm pulls
  • Situp with one arm presses
  • Crunches on a BOSU

She made us wear heart rate monitors.  Heart rate was up as high as 182 and didn't drop to below 160 for 40 minutes or so.  By the last 2 minutes I was pretty fried.


  • Dinner last night was a buffalo bacon cheeseburger at Ruby Tuesday's.  The kids at one of my 2 pieces of bacon.  Brocolli instead of fries and no bun.  Added a salad.
  • Snack was a cup of trail mix and had 3 chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk.  They were home made and really really good.   Worth a bit of a cheat.  I ate them while I was reading "Good Calories, Bad Calories",which is pretty funny.
  • Breakfast today:  No food, just a café americano(skipping the milk even there now) and a omega 3 supplement.
  • Lunch today: Nothing but a decaf coffee.  Will continue the fast until dinner.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Today's Activities & Food

Today's Activities & Food


  • Lunch yesterday:  Lunch was provided with training.  It was all carbs except for sandwiches.  I took the meat fillings out of the sandwiches and dumped it on my spinach salad.
  • Dinner yesterday: Turkey tenderloin grilled.  Salsa on top.  Asparagus and avacado on the side.  A small spinach salad as well.  1/2 glass of wine.  A small serving of cantelope with a couple of grapes.
  • Snack: Trail mix heavy on the almonds.  About a cup.
  • Breakfast:  One hard boiled omega 3 egg.  3 pieces(1 serving) of canadian bacon.  1 cup of cantelope.
  • Lunch:  Double lunch.  I had salmon with swiss chard on the side and a salad heavy on cubes of turkey.

Workout:  A bit more chilly out than usual(55 deg F).  Did a walk/run to a local park from work and back with 12 sprints.  I didn't have my usual snap today. Top speed seemed ok, but hard to get off the blocks with any acceleration.  Took my shoes off and walked the last 3/4 mile.  Cold Shower afterward.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Today's Workout

Today's Workout

I have an all day training, so wen't in early to lift:

  • Leg Press(squat bar was occupied):  15 with 2 plates each side, 8 with 3 plates each side, 5 with 4 plates.
  • BB Standing Curls:  15@40#, 6@60#, 2@80#
  • BB Bent Over Rows: 15@50#, 8@70#, 4@90#
  • Cable Cross Overs: 15@"20", 8@"25", 4@"30"
  • Slight Incline DB Bench Press:  15@30#, 8@45#, 5@60#
  • Weighted Pull Ups:  8 unweighted, 4 with 5# added, 3 with 10# added
  • Weighted Dips:  12 unweighted, 7 with 5# added, 4 with 10# added
  • DB Lateral Raises on BOSU:  15@10#, 8@15#, 4@20#
  • BB Overhead Press on BOSU: 15@30#, 8@50#, 4@70#

Took around 30 mins.

Meals after 23 hour fast:

  • Lunch Yesterday: Big Salad from cafeteria with Tuna as protein.
  • Dinner:  Ate late after mowing the lawn.  Spinach Salad with a can of chicken(9 oz or so) plus a pouch of salmon(3oz).  Threw in some carrots & sunflower seeds.  Took 5 mins to make and was quite tasty.  Not crazy about the pouch salmon.  Took a omega 3 fish oil supplement.
  • 7:30pm Snack:  A quarter of an apple and 3/4 of a cup of nuts.
  • Breakfast Today:  Nothing.  Fasting until lunch.

181# on scale again today.