Friday, November 7, 2008

Lucid Dream & Workout

My awful day yesterday had an interesting good end. After years of trying on and off, I had my first lucid dream. I somehow caught that I was dreaming and conciously made decisions. At one point I even was flying(more like extended jumping). It happened after I awoke from a very vivid dream I remembered. It was fun and the lowereing of caffeine and doing "am I awake now" checks I do over the course of the day have made it possible. I rolled those checks into posture checks.

I chose not to fast today. An egg or so with cheese, bacon, avacado, and a small amount of fruit was breakfast.

Heavy, paired 5x5 Workout:
-Dead lift(225#) & +25# Weighted Dips
-Front Squat(115#) & +15# Weighted Chin Ups
-DB Bench(70#) & BB Bent Rows(110#)
-DB One arm overhead press on BOSU(40#) & Cable Crossovers(40#)

Going out of town for weekend, so 3 full days for recovery.

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