Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Almost kicked out of the YMCA

After our vacation my wife and I took the following day off to do yard work. Unfortunately it rained the whole day and we instead did things inside like cooking(me) and cleaning(Karen). We finished early and decided to go to the YMCA for a workout before picking the kids up. I went, as always, in my Vibram FiveFingers and almost got thrown out. The lady who worked there told me that I needed "sneakers" in order to use the gym. When I asked why she said that the laces were needed and real sneakers would prevent injury from dropping something on my foot. Both answers were bull since some people have velcro "laces" and also sneakers provide almost no protection above and beyond the FiveFingers. If you really want protection you would need steel toed shoes, but no one would use them. I asked to have the manager call me if it was a problem and no one has called yet. Wish me luck.


Richard said...

The fact that you got crap for your foot gloves... and that I didn't get kicked out of our work gym for dropping 150lb of metal weights from the clean position (twice) ... tells me we are working out in paradise here.

jumpow said...

How do you like those Vibrams? Mark Sisson had a video clip where he talked about them and I tinkered with getting some but never pulled the trigger.

What do you use the for? Everything?

I wear Nike Frees to the gym and normal running shoes to sprint (except when I am lucky enough to be on the beach and then I sometimes go barefoot).

Jeff said...

Hey Mark,

I use them for everything. Casual shoes and for all workouts I do at home. I have Nike Free shoes for my gym at work. I love to sprint in them. It is totally different feeling than with shoes. I have sprinted on pavement with them as well.

My biggest complaint is odor. My feet tend to sweat and they get stinky.