Thursday, July 31, 2008

Early To the Gym

Missed work out yesterday since I took afternoon off to go the the Saratoga Race Course for the afternoon. Life getting in the way and causing some variation. Will get only 2 lifts in this week.

Went to the gym early as it was my only opening in the day. Got a strong coffee drink at Dunkin Doughnuts on the way. First time in a long time that I worked out early in morning. I really liked it. Nice to mix it in. Mixed up the order of exercises, but kept the main grouping I have been doing for a while.

Dips/Chin-ups: Alternated Dips and Pull ups 5x5 style with full body weight. Got all 5 on each set on chin-ups but last. Did 6 reps on last 2 dips. Getting stronger.
Squats: 15x135#, 8x185# and 4x235#(all full squat but last 2) then Jump Squats with 135# 20 times.
Dead Lifts: 12x135#, 8x155# and 4x175#. Technique definitely better. No rounding on my back anymore.
Overhead Press with Dumb Bells: 15x15#, 8x25#, 4x35#
Bent Over Rows: 15x50#, 8x70#, 4x90#
Dumb Bell Bench: 15x30#, 8x45#, 5x60#
Incline Dumb Bell Bench: 15x20#, 8x30#, 4x40#
Push Ups: 8 "jump" push ups.

Shot baskets for ~10 minutes afterward instead of walk. My "game" is pretty weak anymore. Weight still up. 179#, which I am really excited about. The recent changes in adding in lots of leg exercises, reducing fruit intake, and IF appear to be working really well to add more muscle.


Richard said...

Hey Jeff- great to see the deads and squats coming up! last I saw, form was excellent. Am concentrating on getting to parallel myself.

Anonymous said...


So what is the motivation to reduce the fruit intake? Reduction in natural sugars?

Good to see the increased blog activity.


Jeff Erno said...

Reducing the fruit is to keep the sugar down some more, just as you suspected. I was eating more like 5 servings per day, and I want it to be no more than 2. Fruit is kind of a luxury, so 2 is plenty I feel. I have been replacing the 2-3 fruits with nuts, meats and veggies. As I have gained a bit of muscle in the past few weeks it might be helping.